Learn & Earn is a youth-oriented platform established to help the youngsters learn new super courses which are need of the hour and start earning on the day they subscribe to this website. We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs who were motivated by the coronavirus pandemic to launch this website.

The world has changed after the COVID-19 pandemic and billions of people are suffering from economic crisis all over the world. The pandemic is still on scene and medical experts claim that it might never retire. Therefore, we need to learn living along with the fatal virus. How would students get an education if the educational institutions are shut down? And how would people survive if they face severe lockdown in industries and other public places?

These were the questions which motivated us to launch this website and do our part in helping the struggling class. We do not know the future of this world, but we are obliged to do our best to survive in this critical time. Therefore, we have launched this website which fulfils two important purposes explained in the PLANS section.

This platform is trusted by many other websites including www.hfpnews.com, www.azestudy.com, www.naffay.com. We consulted with many IT and Business experts before launching this platform and we are confident that the idea would bring useful knowledge and money to a lot of people. We need your support to fulfil the purposes of this idea. Become a member of our team and help us in helping others. Thank you.

What We Offer

As the name suggests, this website fulfils two prime purposes: learning and earning. The first purpose of this website is to provide quality education on almost no charges, and the second purpose is to help the struggling people to start earning online. Coronavirus has taught the world that even viruses and diseases are no more simply and easily curable in this era.

Therefore, we cannot survive at this age without having up to date knowledge and skills. It is the era of Information Technology (IT). If you do not have at least one IT skill, you must prepare to be thrown in a dustbin because physical participation of humankind in the development of the world is decreasing day by day. Robots empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are replacing physical labour of humans.

Yuval Noah Harari writes in his book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2011) that this century is the century of super-humans. All those who lack sophisticated, innovative and up-to-date knowledge cum skills will become trash in this century. The COVID-19 pandemic proved Harari’s claim right in less than a decade. Only those countries are able to survive economically, which have an ample number of IT-literate people.

Our courses will help people to learn IT skills including WordPress Basic, WordPress Advance, SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, HTML Language, Python Language, Shopify Store, and other E-Commerce Stores. Even one of these skills can make you economically independent in this era.

Additionally, we have an English Language Course because no one can do anything without having a strong grip over the language. In this context, we offer many other courses like Content Writing, Blogging, and Freelancing. Further, courses for freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Naffay, and People per Hour are also offered on this platform.

As mentioned above, the other important purpose of this platform is to help you START EARNING TODAY. Many people want to learn new skills, but they cannot do so because they are struggling to have a slice of bread at home. Therefore, we encourage people to just sign up on this website and earn up to $50 on daily basis.

We value your suggestions as we believe in sharing everything whether it is knowledge or money. Therefore, please use the CHATBOT if you want to get any information, or give any suggestion. One of our representatives will contact you as soon as he/she receives your message. For any emergency, you can also use the Whats App number +92 312 8646 528.

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