Top Five Online Courses in Pakistan

Millions of youngsters in Pakistan are in the search of career opportunities on the internet. Therefore, they look for the best online courses that can help them to earn a good livelihood with the help of the internet. Today, more than 76.38% of Pakistanis are active users of the internet who always keep exchanging infotainment.  In this blog, I will discuss the top five online courses in Pakistan in the year 2021. Thus, I will try to help those who are looking for career opportunities on the internet. By selecting one or more courses of one’s interest, one can start earning online without any capital investment.

  1. Game Development Courses

Game Development means to develop (create) a game and release it to the public. It is an art related to the IT industry where a developer is supposed to develop a game and make it easily usable for people who have an interest in games. The game industry is an emerging industry in Pakistan and worldwide which can generate millions of dollars for developers.

An expert in game development can become a millionaire after launching a game that attracts people. However, you can get a highly paid job if you have no resources and/or time to develop a game on your own. Generally, a Game Programmer earns between $44,000 and $108,000.

Pakistan’s Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry tweeted on November 24, 2020, that his ministry is going to introduce a special program that will enable Pakistani youngsters to become part of the industry of 90 billion USD.

He tweeted: “If you are not interested in reading and are interested in video games on the phone, be prepared, @MinistryofST is going to introduce a special program of video games programming so that we can be a part of this $90 billion industry, animation and video games certification programs will be not only a game but a game-changer for young people”.

It means that the government has already started work to promote Gaming Industry and to channelize millions of Pakistani youngsters who love to spend time on games and their procedures.

Therefore, it is concluded that the Game Development online courses will perhaps rule the online market during 2021. If you have an interest in playing games and developing them, you should not miss the chance to take online courses related to game development. Thus, you can have a guaranteed career in Pakistan and abroad.

2. Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate Marketing means to promote the products of other businesses by becoming their affiliates and to earn money from the promotion. This is another emerging industry in Pakistan. People around the world are earning dollars online to liberate themselves from economic problems. However, Affiliate Marketing is still not so popular in Pakistan because major online earning platforms like Amazon and eBay have still not entered the country.

Therefore, competition is low in Pakistan, and opportunities for Affiliate Marketers are a lot. Affiliate Marketers earn thousands of dollars from other platforms like Alibaba, Daraz, and OLX, etc. Thus, they earn handsome income without leaving their home or facing the taunts of any boss. Furthermore, Amazon and eBay dispatch products to Pakistan via third party services providers. Also, thousands of Pakistani sellers work with these platforms and earn handsome income.

Additionally, the current government is trying to bring these businesses to Pakistan in the year 2021. If this happens, the Affiliate Marketing industry will be boosted dramatically. On average, an Affiliate Marketer earns between $80,000 and $160,000 per year.

If you want to earn a handsome amount of income from the wealth of others, you must take online courses in Affiliate Marketing to secure your future.

3. Content Writing Course

Content Writing refers to writing content (articles, blogs, and pages description) for different businesses online. This industry has never faced backlash and the advent of new multinational businesses in Pakistan has boosted the industry to a large extent.

Currently, the average salary that a content writer is offered is between PKR. 30,000 and 60,000. However, content writers earn a lot more than that by working as freelancers on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Naffay, People Per Hour, and Freelancer, etc.

The government of Pakistan is training new content writers through the eRozgar Scheme to make talented youngsters economically independent and to decrease the burden on the national pocket.

If you have a viable grip over the English Language, you should take online courses related to Content Writing. Thus, you will be exposed to the international online community and you can earn up to $1500 per month.

4. Blogging Course

Bloggers are their bosses and they sell their words like products. Bloggers write blogs and share their knowledge on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, and other platforms.

Many companies in Pakistan hire bloggers to promote their businesses. However, most of the bloggers work independently to enjoy their lives according to their rules without facing financial problems.

Online courses related to Blogging are available on at cheaper rates. Purchase a Blogging course in just PKR. 1500 and liberate yourself from restrictions created by economic setbacks.

5. Website Development Course

The fifth more important online course in Pakistan is the website development course. Although thousands of website developers develop (create) websites every day in the country, the market is welcoming new developers with unique skills. More than half of the world population uses Google. Google has become like a global market where websites play the role of different shops. New shops are opened in this market every day.

More than half a million websites are launched (developed/created) every day worldwide. It means that millions of developers are busy creating new websites, but the demand is not getting low.

Website Development is a vast field where a certain number of developers create websites whereas the others manage websites and handle Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the sites.

This is not the era of getting worried about jobs. If you have a skill that can bring you, clients, across the borders, you can earn a lot of money to fulfill your dreams. And if you have learned smart skills like Website Development, you can get a job anywhere in the country and the whole world.

Previously, Website Development courses were too expensive to be taken by Middle-Class learners. But today, you can learn all courses related to Website Development for just $50 or PKR. 8000. To take online courses related to Website Development, CLICK HERE